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Counting Quarters:

Beacon Grove Book Two

My quiet little coven town has never accepted me. I’ve been branded with the reputation of outcast since the moment I was given the Granger name.

It isn’t until I inherit my family’s secret ancient gifts that rival those of the town’s beloved Quarters that I realize how small my bullies really are. 

But these gifts come with a centuries-old resentment that has overtaken my entire being, making it increasingly difficult to be around those closest to me. Add in the dead girls who now haunt me at every turn, and I’ve become an isolated shell who needs to break free.

When Sheriff Kyle Abbot posts an ad about his empty apartment, I see an opportunity to get out from under my grandmother's suffocating thumb, and I take it.

I never expected that a man twice my age would be the one I could relate to best, yet being around him felt like reuniting with the other half of my soul. It's not long before we start giving in to our temptations while uncovering more truths about our town... and ourselves.

When our town is threatened with a second attack, and our leaders set to feed us to the wolves, I've got to find a way around my bitterness and work with the four men whose families caused generations of Granger strife.

They're all waiting for me to prove that my gifts are enough to stop the Movement when it returns. And I’m ready to do exactly that.

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