Untold Truths:

Grimville Reapers Book Two

I was supposed to die.
In the fight against an ugly disease that refused to quit, I never expected to come out the other end a victor, especially with my past track record.
I know what you're thinking.
Don't you dare feel bad for me.
I wasn't perfect. Life was only giving me what I knowingly deserved.
To my surprise, Fate had other plans, granting me a second chance I wasn't sure I wanted.
Until an ornery old woman came along and unceremoniously reminded me of all the things I still had to live for.
But Fate demands balance.
With my second chance came a tragic loss.
One that brought me close to a man who shared the same love for an unforgettable soul.
A man who had finally accepted me exactly as I was without judgement.
And a man that could never be mine, because he belonged to someone else.
He had his secrets, but so did I.
Could our love for each other conquer the weight of our untold truths?

WARNING: Untold Truths is a full-length, mature, new adult dark romance novel with MC/gang themes. This book is intended for a mature audience only! It contains potential triggers including—but not limited to—terminal illness, mature language, organized criminal behavior, erotic scenes, etc.