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Catching Quarters:

Beacon Grove Book Three

I was bred for the Movement.

My parents sculpted me into the perfect companion for their leader, promptly handing me over the instant he showed interest.

He led us into war, and then abandoned us—his devoted followers.

Now, I'm a prisoner, stuck in the dungeon of one of my worst enemies: the fire Quarter of Watchtower coven.

Rhyse Forbes has tried everything to bleed me of information, never wasting an opportunity to use his gifts against me

What he doesn't realize is that I'd sooner rot in this cell than share my family's secrets. I'm positive they'll find me and burn his entire estate to the ground. All I have to do is bide my time.

Only, it's not long before we both feel it: that unmistakable bond between Quarter and Counter. Neither of us wants to admit it, but we can only keep the secret for so long.

I'm forced to face the reality that my family and the man I've dedicated my life to aren't coming to my rescue, and that Rhyse and the bond that ties us is the only thing keeping me alive.

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