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Prey Drive

Parallel Prey Duet Book 1

I have two secrets.
One of them died with me.
The other haunts me.

I'm not sure if he's a ghost, a dream, or my living nightmare, but Sebastian Lancaster seems to have sunken his claws into every aspect of my life before I even accept that he's real.
A New York billionaire with far more things to be interested in than the poor girl renting his family's vacation home, Sebastian seems to evade all the stereotypes I've assigned to him.
But there's more to my stalker mystery man than he's letting on. While I'm trying to rebuild my life after being given a second chance, he spends his evenings as the judge, jury, and executioner against those responsible for his sister's death. It's not until my abusive ex-boyfriend returns to finish what he started that Sebastian reveals to me what he truly is: a cold-hearted killer.
Monster or not, he's claimed me as his own, and if there's one thing Sebastian has made clear, it's that he doesn't like to share.
Will I be his next victim or the one who saves him from his darkness?

Prey Drive is a dark and twisted story about obsession, desire, and the lengths one man will go to defend the ones he loves.


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