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Fallen Prey completes the duet and answer all your questions (at least, the ones I know of 😂)!

What to expect:

✨ Stalker/serial killer romance

✨"Touch her and die"

✨Possessive, tortured antihero

✨Secret society

✨Found family

✨Unequal social classes

✨Second chance

✨Star-crossed lovers

✨Suspenseful thriller

✨Plot twists

✨SPICE! 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️


I've stared into the face of Death, falling victim to her deceptively sweet lullaby. Until she released me from her icy grip without any warning, sending me stumbling back out the other side to continue on as if nothing happened.


When I come to in the hospital as their mysterious John Doe, I discover that the past year of my life never happened at all.


But I remember all of it. Every drop of blood shed, every life lost, every bullet fired.


I've been propelled back into a personal hell where I'm fraternizing with the very men whose souls I've coaxed from their bodies.


Where the woman I love has no idea who I am.


Where the driving force behind my revenge is alive and well, and has taken it upon herself to make sorting out my new reality increasingly difficult.


I'm reliving each day as if it hasn't already happened while everyone around me remains oblivious to the truth. My sole objective is preventing history from repeating itself, and I’m failing miserably.


Perhaps I'm death incarnate. Perhaps I'm the embodiment of life.


Either way, I plan to set the scales straight, reclaim my precious little lamb, and take back what's rightfully mine.


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